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Catch our live shows monthly at the heretic in atlanta & at special events. like our facebook page for events and to see live virtual shows! offering you the best in charitable camp drag entertainment!
NOTE: COVId19 - all entrants into the heretic must show proof of vaccination or negative COVID test.

about US.



The Armorettes, The Infamous Camp Drag Queens of the South, have performed over 43 years and counting. We have raised over $2.3 Million in the battle against HIV/AIDS, one dollar at a time. The Armorettes' namesake comes from where our tale began, the Armory Bar in Atlanta, GA.


The original Armorettes were Thelma, Julie Garden, Justa Tish, Kitty Carlisle, Ginny Tonic and Liz Helen. These original six stepped up for the community during a very dark time in the late 70's and early 80's, when the AIDS epidemic was becoming more and more rampant and out of control. They decided enough was enough and if no one was going to help our community that they would step up and do so. So they decided to put on drag shows at the Armory in Atlanta, GA in order to raise money for their friends who were sick and dying from AIDS. Every dollar from "the bucket" was put to good use by distributing the money to those in need.

We as Armorettes will continue to raise money to fight against HIV/AIDS until a cure is found!

     The Armorettes


      Baby D Galore      Ally Queered Al Yankadic        Nurse Holly   

       Plenty Moore        Muffy VanBeaverHousen       Linuxx Lovee

 Kitty Love Antoinette        Pink Le'Monaid           Ryeleigh St. James

Baby D Galore
Ally Queered Ally Yankadic
Nurse Holly
Plenty Moore
Linuxx Lovee
Kitty Love Antoinette (2)
Pink LeMonaid_edited
Ryeleigh Headshot


Drag Shows

We perform drag shows regularly for charity and are available for hire for performances.

Event Emceeing

We have emcees that can be hired for events and shows. We can also assist with other charity events. 

Charity Work

Every Dollar raised during our weekly shows and hired events goes in our P.W.H.A. Fund, a 501c3 organization, which is distributed throughout the year to HIV & AIDS Charities.


Use this form to contact us with questions, if you'd like to perform as a guest or to  request support for your charity!

Download the PDF below if you'd like to audition to become an Armorette!

Thanks! Message sent.

you can make a difference.         click donate below. 

The Armorettes provide a unique camp drag show with some of the best camp drag entertainers in the industry. We perform shows regularly and also host Special Events, including the infamous Easter Sunday Drag Races. In addition, we perform in charitable events throughout the community. Our cast is ever-changing and we welcome special guests and those who wish to audition to join us!


Our group has won multiple awards and are one of the longest running weekly drag shows for charity in Atlanta and beyond. With a little something for everyone, our drag shows are the talk of the town! All of our regularly scheduled events are No Cover and all proceeds are donated to local charities! We perform Monthly on a Saturday at The Heretic in Atlanta GA. We travel for multiple events around the country and are open to special bookings and events as well! Get to know us better by attending one of our events or watching us online (links available through the events in the calendar) and be a part of something special. Thanks for visiting our site and we hope to see you all soon.

Would you like an Armorette to Host or Emcee or Make Appearances at your next special event? Click on Request Booking now in the Services section above!


Perhaps you would like to perform as a guest or audition to become a cast member? 

See the Contact section above and let's go over the details to make that happen!

You can experience our camp drag shows in Atlanta GA monthly at The Heretic located at 2069 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, as well as special events in the city and beyond! We feature the best camp drag shows in Atlanta and regularly have local and regional drag entertainers as special guests. Our drag show proceeds always go entirely to charity! 

Note: Due to Covid19 proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test is required to enter The Heretic.

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