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Nurse Holly

Nurse Holly moved to Atlanta (from Philly) in 1989 and by the end of 1990, was a cast member with the Armorettes (who were still performing in the front bar at the Armory - Yes, this is pre-Thelma Pump Room days.). At that time, Nurse Holly was working for the CDC in their HIV Division. She has since

moved on from the CDC but continues to fight disease and pestilence domestically and internationally

(recently working in West Africa during the Ebola outbreak). In addition to the many awards and accolades she has accumulated over her many many many many years, her highest achievement was being recognized professionally as a “Semen Collection Expert”.

Nurse Holly loves the Armorettes and all of her fans. She also loves penises so be sure to show her yours! She is fun, talented, and will be the first one to tell you, she is “Everyone’s Favorite". Armorette.”

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