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Current reigning Miss. Regional Southeast &
Miss. Gay Peachstate USofA Classic
Former: Miss St. Pete Pride 2013 &
             Miss Broken Slut 2019

Muffy VanBeaverHousen

Muffy VanBeaverHousen loves to learn and give back to the community. She finished her Specialist in Education (Ed.S.) degree in May 2022. She has been giving back to the community through drag for over 25 years. She originally joined the Armorette's in 1999 under the alias of Ivana Bottom but left the group about 5 years later due to moving out of state.  She has been back in Atlanta for over a year and is back to being an active cast member of the Armorette’s of Atlanta (The longest running volunteer camp drag troupe in the United States). Muffy also enjoys her free time being the creative spirit she is while being a single parent to her son with special needs.  

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