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How we started


Our community faced a very dark time in the late 70's and early 80's, when the HIV/AIDS epidemic was becoming more and more rampant and out of control.

The Armorettes were formed to cheer on the Armory softball team as well as put on drag shows in Atlanta to raise money for their friends and community who were sick and dying from HIV/AIDS.

The Armorettes' namesake comes from where our tale began, The Armory Bar in Atlanta, GA.  

The Orginal Armorettes were Thelma, Julie Garden, Justa Tish, Kitty Carlisle, Ginny Tonic and Liz Helen. These original six stepped up for the community when it needed them during the AIDS epidemic. They decided enough was enough and if no one were going to help our community they would step up and do so. They decided to put on drag shows at the Armory in Atlanta, GA in order to raise money for their friends who were sick and dying from AIDS. Every dollar from "The Bucket" was put to good use by distributing the money to those in need. Over the next 45  years many have stepped up to continue what the original Armorettes started. 

We continue this grassroots effort today to help our local community in search of a cure and to fight HIV/AIDS. We as Armorettes will continue to raise money to fight against HIV/AIDS until a cure is found. 

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