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Baby D

Baby Dee (aka Adam Long) is the Show Director for The Armorettes. She grew up OTP in Lawrenceville GA where she wore her mother’s heels and danced to Robyn and Cher all day long! Baby Dee then moved into the city in 2013 where she fell in love with drag but specifically The Armorettes. After many nights watching the show she finally got the courage to speak to Roxy Cotton and her interest in drag began to grow. Baby Dee went on to become close friends with the whole group and was asked to do her very first performance in Athens GA for Kellie Divine’s Birthday celebration in 2017. The next year in August of 2018 she auditioned to join the group and was accepted into the probationary period. Once there she actively put in every spare minute to learning the art and making it her own which she continues to do now every day.

Baby Dee has a long list of queens who inspire her including Cher, Jinx Monsoon, and of course Roxy Cotton! She has worked with many organizations and performed all around town for brunch shows, bingo, trivia, karaoke, and many others. Baby Dee’s favorite thing about being an Armorette is being able to raise money while putting a smile on everyone’s face! She is known for being the make out queen and eating during her numbers because she is NEVER full! Her favorite song to perform is either Wendy Ho F*ck Me or her custom-made Cher Turn Back Time mix made by her best friend Weston Rogers. Join this pleasantly plump hot mess at The Heretic weekly for The Armorettes show!

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